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Admissions Open

Admissions Open

Admissions Open

Place Confirmation 

Confirmation of the place of students regularly enrolled at Maarif School becomes effective when the parent or guardian of the student confirms the place of his/her student during a period between 01/04/2023 and 01/ 06/2023. The confirmation fee amounts to 100.000 BIF deductible from next year's school fees and a 15[199614101996] reduction is applied to those who have confirmed during April 2023. After April, no reduction is granted. Former students whose places are not confirmed until 01/06/2023 will be required to pay the registration fee, which will not be deductible from their fees except G11


New Registration 

Admission can only be made when the parent or guardian presents a completed document, well-filled and signed (registration form, parental authorization, registration agreement, slip as proof of registration fees payment). Registration fees are to be paid to account number 38125020075 opened at Ecobank and to number 2059210011 opened at BCB—or school accounting. New students do entrance exams before the start of the new academic year management reserves the right to refuse the registration of a student if there are no places available or if he does not satisfy the educational, administrative, or regulatory obligation and parents’ collaboration on all school-related activities. 


All students coming to register for preschool shall all be registered as MP 1 (3-4 years), MP 2 (4-5 years), and MP 3 (5-6 years) in line with IM in the preschool level branch nomenclature.

Upper Secondaire- AS & Advanced Level 

Students starting high school at grade 12 shall confirm their places as early as possible in August and their positions will be confirmed after presenting their IGCSE results or equivalent to the administration. Students registering for grade 12 choose their subject combinations according to the AS or A ‘Level subjects available and the passes in their grade at grade 11 in either IGCSE or equivalent. Students joining AS or Advanced level sit with the academic department and their parents to confirm their subject combinations according to their performance in IGCSE or equivalent and the available subjects’ combinations offered by the school.

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