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Being an Educator in Maarif

 Being an Educator in Maarif

Being an Educator in Maarif

What We OfferSafety First

A safe space for staff and students 

certified Teachers

Internationally accredited teachers creative Lessons

Custom lessons for each class 

Best Curriculum

Sufficient Classrooms with 20 as maximum number of students in kindergarten and 24 in secondary and high schoolModern & specious classrooms

Extra-curricular FacilitiesAt Ecole Internationale de la Fondation Maarif de Türkiye we offer a challenging-driven, engaging and learner-cantered educational approaches using modern teaching strategies disposing of the pressure and trauma associated with conventional teaching methods. Our curriculum was designed to equip our children with a positive attitude towards learning, train them to do higher order thinking and prepare them for globalization.

Ecole Internationale de la Fondation Maarif de Türkiye prides itself on its engaging, detailed, relevant, significant, crystal-clear and learner-cantered curriculum our curriculum is designed to be sufficiently challenging enough for each grade level students to develop higher critical thinking skills within Education is not the disciplines, to form not only ordered and coherent but also relevant arguments and to be able to present them well confidently and innovatively. Our curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child and was particularly created to prepare learners to become active, caring, global and lifelong learners.

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