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Social And Cultural Activities

Social And Cultural Activities

Social And Cultural Activities



Co curriculum activities help students to develop problem solving, reasoning and critical thinking.

These kind of activities with the academic curriculum helps the students to develop skills beyond the knowledge of subjects.

Co-curricular activities when merged with academics helps the learners to learn effectively.

These activities offer them an opportunity of thinking unusually and getting the innovative ideas of their own.


The social, cultural and sports department of a school has the responsibility to provide extra co curriculum activities for learners so that learners can get the above opportunities of life. Social, cultural and sports department has also organized many activities like cooking, art & craft, football tournament, dance presentation, singing competition, fun games etc. in the year 2022-2023

As we know that co-curriculum activities functions as a backbone of an educational institute as it improves the quality of education and helps to explore the different talents of the students, helps to eradicates the weaknesses and helps to creates a broader vision of life. These activities not only give an equal footage to every child but also boost their confidence and spirit of independence. Social, cultural and sports department plays an important role to organize the co-curriculum activities for the students. Our department has also tried its best to organize different co-curriculum activities to uplift the level of education and to improve the talents of the learners during the year of 2022-2023.


To create platforms and opportunities for learners to express their ideas and talents.

Personality development of the learners.

Learning, fun and entertainment of learners.

To create the spirit of participation.

To create good relationships and coordination between students and teachers.

To create teamwork in teachers to organize the events together.

To improve the spirit of teamwork in learners.

  Various activities have been taken place under the supervision of the department in the year of 2022-2023. The learners enthusiastically participated in all the activities. The activities were full of fun and learning.


  1. Inter school football championship 2022-2023
  2. Cooking (how to make easy and quick snacks)
  3. Inter- class group singing competition.
  4. Celebration of women's day
  5. Fun games competition
  6. Vegetate
  7. Exhibition of Art &; Design Projects
  8. Theatre movie
  9. Chess competition
  10. Closing day ceremony



The biggest achievement of the year was that our school managed to win football championship of 2022-2023

We helped learners to participate in two different inter school football tournaments in which they have participated enthusiastically. They got platform to explore their talent.

Their performance in the tournament was splendid. After a great struggle, our school managed to enter in the semi-final of the tournament. They again played superbly in semi-finals. Each and every one was very happy as we entered in the finale of the tournament. The match of finale was very important and interesting and, on the day, again our learners made us proud, and they won the tournament and successfully achieved the TROPHY. Each player got medal and special prizes. The day was really a proud day for our school as we defeated many schools of Burundi and achieved the trophy. To celebrate the victory and to appreciate the learners our administration has organized a grand and well-organized party. For this great victory, I would like to thank our teacher Mr. Abubakar Ashr, who played a great and vital role as a coach to train, the learners in each and every way, and I would also like to thank our administration, especially our director who gave full cooperation and support to all of us.

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To make the learners creative and innovative we had some cooking activities for grade 4, 5, 6 and 9. The learners enjoyed so much and have learnt about how to make easy and quick snacks. They have learnt how to prepare and how to present food beautifully.


 We had inter classes singing competition in the month of February. It was group singing competition and was so much interesting. All the classes performed very well.


In the month of March, we have celebrated women's day on 8. March together. The whole female staff was invited in the celebration. The celebration was in theater room between all the female teachers and all the girls of the school. After the celebration we went for a party outside which was very good and well organized.


 We have organized some fun games in the school compound. Many games were there for example musical chair, skipping rope, bottle filling, spoon race, blowing balloons, aiming bottles etc. The learners enjoyed the games. It was group competition that is why they were grouped in three groups. The games were full of learning with fun and the day was so good, and we had so much fun together.


Vegetate is an art of salad cutting, which was organized for different classes. The objective to organize vegetate was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food among the youth. Cleanliness, safety, and presentation was the basic criterion for the judgment. The participants' creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed with different mouthwatering salad.


8. Theatre movie

Our department has organized educational and entertaining movies for the learners. Learners were happy because they had good time to spend together. They enjoyed the movies with their drinks and popcorns.

9. Chess competition

Like last two years also this year we organized chess competition, which was held on 3rd and 4th June 2023. It was an open competition this means anyone could participate in the competition even if someone does not belong to Maarif international schools of Burundi, also there was no age limit. The competition went for 2 days and was very well organised. More than 100 students of different schools came to participate in the competition. It was a very big opportunity for the participants to explore the ability and talent of playing chess. At the end of the competition the participants have been awarded with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. The 1st prize was 100,000 FB, 2nd prize was 50,000 FB and the third prize was a wall clock. The best element of the competition was that all the participants has got certificate of participation.

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Looking forward to introducing more colourful and interesting curriculum activities for the learners for the year of 2023-2024. We shall try our best to give more platforms to our learners to explore their talents and abilities.

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